Join a culture of kindness, and experience what it means to flourish.

Flourish: (v) To experience positive emotions; fully engage in one's daily activities; cultivate strong relationships with others; be driven by meaning; accomplish one's own goals; and benefit from vitality.

At Trinity Services, our mission is to help people with disabilities and mental illness flourish and live full and abundant lives. We are guided by our philosophy of servant leadership — the notion of placing the needs of others before our own. We strive to lead by example through social responsibility.

That same philosophy extends to the interactions we have with our colleagues, creating a culture of kindness, in which lasting friendships are formed and ample opportunities for growth can be found. Through helping others flourish, we flourish.

Join a community that truly cares about all of its members. Explore the three options below for more detailed information about how to join our team, or contact us at 815-485-6197 or