Trinity Services provides services and supports to more than 5,800 men, women and children with developmental disabilities and mental illness in more than 32 Illinois communities.

Services are provided in Chicago's Southwest, Northwest and Western Suburbs, and in Central and Southern Illinois. They include residential living options, employment programs, community day services, behavioral health programs, and more.

In providing services, supports and consultation, Trinity holds to the following values:

  • Trinity operates from a base of compassion, competence and community.
  • Genuine person-to-person relationships are the key to growth and individual development.
  • Trinity embraces the philosophy that the home belongs to the people living there, and staff provide the services.
  • Trinity accepts people as they are. Attempts are not made to change personalities or personal preferences.
  • Trinity is committed to helping people receiving services overcome behavior patterns that prevent them from becoming psychologically or physically close to other people.

If you need immediate assistance regarding Trinity's services and supports, please contact Director of Admissions Jennifer Klouse at 815-485-6197 or

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