Mission Statement

Trinity Services, Inc., founded in 1950, is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that provides the highest quality person-directed services and supports to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness so that they may flourish and live full and abundant lives.

Trinity serves more than 5,800 adults and children who have intellectual/developmental disabilities or mental health needs. Trinity’s mission to help people flourish is at the heart of all it offers, including residential services, numerous community day services, employment services, a school, therapeutic horseback riding, respite services, a recreation center, a range of therapeutic services, and more.

Services are provided in more than 30 Illinois communities in the Southwest, Northwest and Western Suburbs of Chicago, as well as Southern and Central Illinois.

Since 1992, Trinity has maintained the highest possible level of accreditation—Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation, With Distinction—from the Council on Quality and Leadership.

Trinity staff members work with the understanding that “Everything Counts”—that every action, thought and experience is significant. Every personal interaction is an opportunity to promote self-confidence, heighten self-esteem and lead to the achievement of personal goals for the people Trinity serves.

Trinity Services strives to help the people it serves achieve the 21 Personal Outcome Measures®, developed by the Council on Quality and Leadership. These are divided into five areas:

My Human Security — Non-negotiable human and civil rights

1. People are safe
2. People are free from abuse and neglect
3. People have the best possible health
4. People experience continuity and security
5. People exercise rights
6. People are treated fairly
7. People are respected

My Community — Access to be in, a part of, and with community

8. People use their environments
9. People live in integrated environments
10. People interact with other members of the community
11. People participate in the life of the community

My Relationships — Social support, intimacy, familiarity, and belonging

12. People are connected to natural support networks
13. People have friends
14. People have intimate relationships
15. People decide when to share personal information
16. People perform different social roles

My Choices — Decisions about one’s life and community

17. People choose where and with whom they live
18. People choose where they work
19. People choose services

My Goals — Dreams and aspirations for the future

20. People choose personal goals
21. People realize personal goals


Trinity Services is guided by 10 Core Values that are central to its culture:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Serving and Supporting
  • Honest and Open Communication
  • Discretionary Effort
  • Personal Growth
  • Thinking Ahead and Following Through
  • Collaboration
  • Stewardship
  • Achieving Outcomes
  • Continuous Improvement