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Director of Residential Host Homes Services (New Lenox, IL)


Location: New Lenox, IL

Program: Administration

Schedule/shift: Full-time; 8:30am-5:00pm M-F

Description:  The Director of Shared Living oversees the Trinity Services Shared Living.  What is Shared Living?  The Shared Living program provides people who need supports with the opportunity to live with families who are interested in sharing their homes and lives.  Trinity Services contracts with an individual or family who is responsible for providing direct supports for up to two people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  The household may consist of up to six people including the two persons with disabilities.  The Director of Shared Living manages the day to day function of the Shared Living program which includes insuring all residential sites are in compliance with agency, local, and state regulations.

Below is a list of the primary duties and responsibilities of this position:

  1. Compiles and tracks required monthly documents
  2. Reviews and inputs approved records, including billing for services into the agency’s electronic platform
  3. Obtains all material related to all shared living contractors, including but not limited to; training, state required documents, quarterly documents, monthly site visits, respite forms, and billing documents etc.
  4. Negotiates and writes new contracts and yearly contractor contracts
  5. Advertises and markets for new contractors
  6. Interviews and hires new contractors
  7. Collaborates with each department regarding their Shared Living sites and the quality of services provided
  8. Participates in any annual or special meetings related to the people served in Shared Living
  9. Performs quarterly site visits on each of the Shared Living sites
  10. Oversees 37u tracking, funding, and payments
  11. Ensures certification of all new sites according to state regulations, which includes but is not limited to coordinating with DHS and local fire marshals and the State Fire Marshall.
  12. Ensures that all homes, and required paperwork, is maintained in accordance with local and state regulations
  13. Maintains the Shared Living program so as to comply with state and federal survey processes and outside accreditation standards
  14. Oversees all aspects of the agency’s in-facility respite program
  15. Performs other duties and companywide projects as assigned by the Director of Administrative Operations

Minimum Qualifications:  Prior experience working with or supporting people with disabilities, knowledge of person centered thinking, and a commitment to implementing strategies in support of that mindset. Person must have a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a human services field. A graduate degree is preferred.

Preferred Qualifications: Graduate degree in a human service field

Contact: Email resume and Letter of Intent to Laurie Ferfecki at