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Driver (Joliet, IL)





Split Shift; Part Time


Community Day Services (Network 6) or Residential


One of the main supports that Trinity provides is assisting program participants to be more integrated into the community.  This would require, for those that cannot drive, Trinity to provide a safe option for program participants to get from one place to another.  The role of a driver is to assist people in residential sites to go to and from community day services.  This position may also assist with helping those we serve access to community settings.  The primary function of the position is to provide safe, reliable transportation to and from a variety of locations, follow all policies and procedures regarding driving and maintain a valid IL driver’s license and pace certification.  


  1. Remain particularly aware of the added responsibilities when transporting individual attending Trinity Services programs and community events, and exercise special care to maintain their safety and welfare.
  2. Prior to leaving for any trip in any vehicle, count the number of program participants in the vehicle.A second count should be completed to verify the correct number of individual riding in the vehicle.
  3. Follow all procedures related to use of the wheelchair lift carefully to ensure the safety of the person on the lift.Take special care to use wheelchair lift equipment: wheelchair tie downs, hand control etc.
  4. Observe all traffic and speed limit laws whether driving an agency or personal vehicle.
  5. Maintain safe driving practices at all times, and especially in inclement weather.
  6. Follows the minimum standards such as
    1. Never leaves a program participant alone or unsupervised in a vehicle
    2. Never leave the keys in a vehicle, leave the vehicle’s motor running or allow individuals to start or drive the vehicle
    3. Use of cell phone while driving is not permitted
    4. Eating, drinking and smoking is not permitted in or around any agency vehicle
    5. Adhere to Trinity’s clothing attire requirements
    6. Practice courteous, defense driving techniques at all times
    7. When in the vehicle, all passengers, including the driver must wear a seat belt unless the person is in a wheelchair and then they should be properly secured.
    8. Keep a valid Illinois or Indiana driver’s license
    9. Report any moving violations received while driving an agency vehicle, pace vehicle or personal vehicle.
    10. Report any motor vehicle accidents that occurs while completing agency business
    11. Transporting children, family members, friends, etc. in agency vehicles is not permitted
    12. Use of agency vehicles for personal business is not permitted
    13. Operating or transporting program participants in an agency or personal vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted, as is carrying drugs, alcohol, or weapons in either type of vehicle.
    14. Accompany individuals into residential home, day program etc.
    15. Ensure the individual enters into their home safely and there is staff or a family member present
    16. See Transportation and Supervision policy for more details
  7. Completes all required documentation include log sheets, safety checks, maintenance checks,

    mileage, etc.

  8. Completes all required physical and drug testing, per DOT requirements
  9. Be flexible with transportation routes changes, (ex: change of routes and/or program participants)
  10. Provides support to the people with disabilities during transportation
  11. Meets the requirements to drive a Trinity vehicle and/or Pace vehicle and completes a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) as needed


  • The ability to utilize strong directional skills-differentiating between North, South, East, and West.
  • Strong verbal and open communication skills.
  • Works well independently and with others.
  • Knowledge of driving regulations and rules of the road.
  • Works well with people with a range of disabilities.
  • Communicates well with families and guardians.


  • High School diploma or GED equivalent
  • An exceptional driving record
  • Must receive and maintain Pace certification

Contact: Melissa Pierce,