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Remote Residential Support Specialist (New Lenox, IL)


Location:  301 Veterans Parkway is the primary base for the remote supports command hub.  Remote Support Specialists will also provide in-home supports in a variety of locations.  

Hours:  This is a full time, overnight position with scheduled hours 11PM – 9AM. 

Wage:  Starting wage is $14.00 per hour.   Current qualified employees may be considered for a lateral pay transfer.  . 

About the Program:  

Historically we have seen services for people with disabilities evolve to support a more person centered approach – the most important reason to embrace change.  In particular, advances in technology have allowed people with disabilities to be supported in new and innovative ways.      

The IL Division of Developmental Disabilities, in recognizing the potential for technology to enhance the lives of people with disabilities, awarded Trinity Services a grant to pilot remote supports in CILAs.  Remote supports are a service model that use wireless technologies and specially trained staff to support people with disabilities in their homes from an off-site location.  The implementation of remote supports does not mean that there is an absence of staff, but rather that supports are provided by means of a different service model.

A remote support service model allows people with disabilities to exercise increased independence and choice in their lives while maintaining their overall health, safety, and wellness.  Trinity is excited to be part of, and contribute to, the exploration of technology that can benefit people with disabilities living in our state. 

Position Description:

Do you enjoy helping people?  Do you consider yourself to be savvy in relation to technology?  Are you ready to be part of something new, creative, and innovative?  Then this just might be the perfect job for you!

Remote Support Specialists are responsible for supporting people with disabilities through the use of a remote support platform and complimentary technologies.  The technologies involved in this type of service model can include, but are not limited to, computers, tablets, smartphones, two-way audio and video, motion sensors, call buttons, open door/window alerts, and stove monitoring.  In addition, Remote Support Specialists will provide on-site, in-person supports as needed.    


Candidates must:

•           Possess a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

•           Pass all background screenings.

•           Be approved to drive agency vehicles. 

•           Pass the medication certification requirements.

•           Demonstrate proficiency in operating technologies.  

Prior experience working with developmentally disabled adults and/or children and advanced training or education relevant to this position is preferred. 

To Apply:

To apply for this position, please submit a resume and letter of interest to Amy Youngberg at