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Flourish Plans - Discussions and Developments

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Dear Family and Friends,

On July 1st, 2017, the planning process in the State of Illinois changed hands from provider (Trinity Services) to the applicable Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency for those we support. As such, your loved one’s Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) at Trinity Services no longer completes the official state‐required plan. Their assigned Individual Service and Support Advocate (ISSA) completes this plan (known as the Personal Plan) on an annual basis.

When this switch occurred, requirements regarding planning also changed in Illinois. (i.e. An annual meeting with a support team may or may not have been convened.) In addition, while Trinity QIDPs are responsible for completion of what is known as an Implementation Strategy on an annual basis, based on the Personal Plan, as received from the ISSA, we continue to value and see the need in coming together as a support team. Moreover, to ensure a positive person directed, outcome‐driven focus,
based on the notion of “flourishing”, Trinity has gradually begun to introduce an additional planning method called the Flourish Plan.

An annual celebration will be held to discuss and develop the Flourish Plan, to highlight achievements and accomplishments, as well as outline a person’s desires for the upcoming year. A team approach is important in ensuring that all members are able to contribute and be aware of a person’s Flourish Plan and goals.

Zoom sessions will be held to overview this process and answer any questions you may have. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please contact your loved one’s Network Director.

We appreciate your support in our efforts!

‐The Executive Leadership Team