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Dr. Mike Mecozzi Explores the Importance of Winning the Races that Matter!

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On Wednesday evening, February 21, 2024, Trinity Services and High Tide Press hosted a book signing at Roxy in Lockport for Dr. Mike Mecozzi, a clinical psychologist and author of the new book The Tortoise and the Hare Retold – Learning to Run and Win the Races that Matter.  A modern take on Aesop’s classic fable, the book helps readers understand how to succeed in today’s world.

“I wanted this book to be an innovative blend of storytelling and life lessons that offers a roadmap to success, happiness, and personal growth,” said Dr. Mecozzi.  “I also wanted it to be a quick read.”

This retelling follows the familiar story of the race between the Tortoise and the Hare, but with a thought-provoking twist.  After losing the race to the Tortoise, the Hare, realizing it isn’t just about running fast, swallows his pride and asks the tortoise for advice about how he might find the broader, deeper success the Tortoise appears to have mastered.  The Tortoise shares his wisdom, becoming a mentor and coach for the Hare. 

“Life today is complicated,” explained Dr. Mecozzi.  “We need to take the time to reassess our personal values and to discover what winning actually means, which is the centerpiece of this book.”

Dr. Mecozzi is currently creating a workbook to go along with the book, and hopes to develop an additional series of stories based on the concept of winning in life. 

Dr. Mecozzi and his wife, Dr. Aimee Echevarria, are founders of Hope with ME, a private psychology practice in New Lenox.  Mecozzi specializes in working with young adults and adults experiencing stress and anxiety.  Dr. Mecozzi is also the author of The Other Side of Pain: Discovering Meaning When Life Hurts, also published by High Tide Press.  In his free time, Dr. Mecozzi enjoys exploring new adventures with his wife and two young children.  

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