ER, Hospitalization and Urgent Care Entry Form

Please enter your full name.

For example, Adella House or New Lenox Woodworks

6. Individual's Level of Mobility
8. Gender
9. Type of Report
11. Day of the Week
12. Person Recommending the Visit
13. Was 911 used?
14. Was the physician notified prior to the visit?
15. When was the guardian notified?
16. Is there an Unusual Incident Report associated with this visit?
18. Is this the first visit for this problem?
22. Disposition from ER/Hospital
Please provide the following information in #25:

1. What led up to the event described above?

2. What was the exact issue that caused the event?

3. What was staff's immediate response to the event?

4a. What testing was done?

4b. What was the results of the testing?

5. What treatment was ordered as a result of the testing?

6. Is there any follow-up needed related to this event?

Please give a brief, specific description that includes all requested information (see instruction above).

Job Opportunities

  • Residential Supervisor (Entry-Level) (Joliet, IL)
  • Independent Living Coach/Direct Support Professional (DSP) (Joliet, IL) Overnight Shift
  • Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) (Joliet, IL)
  • Teacher Assistant (Mokena, IL)
  • Job Coach (Joliet,IL)
  • Maintenance (Des Plaines, IL)
  • Program Coordinator (Wilmington, IL)
  • Permanent Supportive Housing Manager (Northlake, IL; Villa Park, IL; Lombard, IL)
  • ICPN-SST Clinical Therapist/Social Worker/Case Manager (Champaign, IL/New Lenox, IL/Des Plaines, IL)
  • Special Education Teacher (Mokena, IL)
  • Registered Nurse (Full-Time) (Joliet, IL)
  • Program Specialist (Joliet, IL)
  • Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) (Behavioral Health) (New Lenox, IL)
  • Vocational Counselor (Joliet, IL)
  • Employment Specialist (Joliet, IL)
  • Director of Residential Host Homes Services (New Lenox, IL)
  • Behavior Analyst (Joliet, IL; New Lenox, IL)
  • Program Specialist (Des, Plaines, IL)
  • Day Treatment Counselor (Lockport, IL)
  • Licensed Therapist, Family Counseling Center (New Lenox, IL)
  • Registered Behavior Technician (Mascoutah, IL)
  • Program Specialist - Medical Track (Joliet, IL)
  • Certified Nursing Aid (Joliet, IL)
  • Associate Director of ICF/DD’s (Joliet, IL)
  • Independent Living Coach (Joliet, IL)
  • Residential Supervisor (Des Plaines)
  • Clerical (Wilmington, IL)
  • HR Entry-Level Assistant (New Lenox, IL)
  • Assistant Coordinator-Woodworks (New Lenox, IL)
  • Assistant Coordinator (New Lenox, IL)
  • Development Associate (entry-level) (New Lenox, IL)
  • Residential Associate Director (Joliet, IL)
  • Counselor (Villa Park, IL; Lombard, IL; Northlake, IL)