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Program Specialist (Joliet, IL)



Location: Joliet, IL

Program or Service: Residential Networks

Schedule/Shift: Full-time; M-F 3-11 p.m. or 4 p.m.-midnight with two weekends a month

Description: Make a difference! Be a part of clinical team that assists people with developmental disabilities to flourish! The program specialist is involved in providing treatment or assisting with goal attainment for people who have a developmental disability or mental illness in such domains as personal care, recreation/leisure, vocational, home/household, and/or community awareness and integration. The program specialist will develop a strong command over the concepts of positive psychology, complete required readings, and participate in continuing education in their area of specialty as assigned.


  1. Provides behavioral coaching to a person who has a developmental disability or mental illness in assigned treatment areas 
  2. Completes progress reports and other necessary forms or documents 
  3. Participates and interacts with individuals in various activities as specified in Individual Service Plans and Social Transition Plans 
  4. Consults with Behavioral Analyst and Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional concerning appropriate goals, objectives, and treatment techniques 
  5. Assists in the development and execution of goals and objectives for people served 
  6. Makes suggestions for improving Organization and Program effectiveness and efficiency 
  7. Completes a monthly report reflecting Program Specialist intervention 
  8. Completes an annual report, that is assessed quarterly to track progress 
  9. Assists with development and implementation of age-appropriate and functional training materials 
  10. Responsible for working with supervisor in the development of an individual plan of personal growth and development 
  11. Transports persons served to and from appointments and activities as needed 
  12. Complete initial and ongoing medication training; administer medication at multiple locations 
  13. Works with independent living coaches in encouraging their professional growth and knowledge

Minimum Qualifications: Qualified applicants must have their bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or a related field.

Contact: Email resume to Laurie Ferfecki at