Trinity Services' leadership staff, also referred to as the Executive Committee, provide direction and support to the Trinity community. Leadership staff members meet once a week to keep the organization closely interconnected and ensure its mission is consistently carried out.

Leadership staff who compose the Executive Committee are listed below.

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Tracy Dudek Headshot

Tracy Dudek

Director of Employee Services


Tracy has been serving as the Director of Employee Services since 2013. Her role encompasses various responsibilities, including recruitment, employee relations, creating employment policies, managing compensation and employee benefits, and implementing health and safety measures.

Tracy embarked on her career journey at Trinity Services in 1998 as a social rehabilitation counselor while pursuing her graduate degree in Psychology-Applied Behavior Analysis. Upon earning her Master’s degree, she transitioned into a clinical role as the Director of the in-home autism program and later assumed the position of Director of Trinity’s therapeutic day school.

Passionate about supporting both the individuals served by Trinity and the dedicated employees, Tracy finds fulfillment in her role.

Outside of work, Tracy enjoys watching sports (go 49ers!), meditating, traveling, driving her Jeep Wrangler, engaging in outdoor activities, and spending quality time with her husband and dogs.