Trinity Services is governed by a Board of Directors that works cooperatively and collaboratively to further the mission of Trinity Services. The Trinity Services Board of Directors oversees governance and policy-making.

It is composed of: 

Raymond D. McShane, Chairperson

Jan Agazzi

Chris Falvey

Greg Geuther

Tim Gunter

Barbara Hall

Jo Rexer

Ron Stricklin

Thane Dykstra, Ph.D., President and CEO

The Trinity Foundation is also governed by a Board of Directors that oversees fundraising and foundation financial investment. It was formed in 1989 with the mission of supporting and funding the work and goals of Trinity Services.

The Foundation Board is composed of:

Charley Smith, Chairperson

Tim Barker

Thane Dykstra, Ph.D.

Mike Sieling

John Slack

Bob Taylor, CFO

Klint DeGeus, Emeritus

Art Dykstra, President and CEO