At Trinity Services, an environment that promotes learning is the foundation for helping people with disabilities flourish and live full and abundant lives.

Therefore, Trinity’s Community Day Services emphasize developing work and social skills, and optimizing self-direction and self-determination. Program participants enjoy access to the community and are encouraged to engage with others as business customers, volunteers at an organization or members of a club. Advances in technology have helped promote learning and communication and are interwoven with the activities throughout the day.

Each program generally operates from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. with programming options available for six hours daily. Service and support planning occurs on an individual basis and is accomplished through a process, as each person’s plan seeks to maximize achievement in areas related to language, mobility, self-care, and personal finance, to name a few.

Adults with disabilities who are ages 18 and older, and are served residentially by Trinity Services, live at home or are served by other agencies, are eligible to join Community Day Services at Trinity.

Programs are located at sites in Elwood, Frankfort, Joliet, Manhattan, New Lenox and Wilmington. Some specialty programs are described below.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Director of Community Day Services Stephanie Behlke Leigh at 815-485-8146 or by email.

Culinary Arts

This program teaches participants how to follow a recipe and gives them the skills required to cook, helping them become more independent. Participants enjoy their own cooking, and delicious treats they make are shared with Trinity staff at the Lillie Pad Cafe at Trinity's Corporate Office.


Gardeners learn about the care, cultivation and arrangement of plants at Trinity’s fully accessible greenhouse and outdoor garden space in Joliet. Through working in and enjoying the gardens, participants develop social skills, improve motor coordination, enhance self-esteem and acquire job skills. The program offers plant sales in spring, fall and winter. Follow the program on Facebook for information.

New Lenox Woodworks

Participants learn how to design, build and finish wood products at the wood shop in New Lenox. Products include a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture, decorations and games, all made with great pride by the men and women who attend the program. Items are available for sale to the public and can be viewed on the program's Facebook page.

Old Plank Studio

Program participants conceptualize, sand, paint, assemble and decorate wooden signs and home decor at this New Lenox studio. Products are available for purchase by the public and can be viewed on the program's Facebook page.


Special Trinity Riders Involved in Developing Equestrian Skills, or STRIDES, is a therapeutic horseback riding program for children and adults served by Trinity. The heated stable provides riders with year-round opportunities for exercise and learning equestrian skills through fun activities while making new friends with other riders. STRIDES provides learning, exercise, employment and fun.

TSI Recycling

This program teaches people the value of recycling as well as skills that could one day be transferred to a job in the community.