Trinity Services offers various living options to people with developmental disabilities and mental illness in the Northwest and Western Suburbs of Chicago. Settings include group homes (also referred to as community-integrated living arrangements, or CILAs), apartments, and opportunities for shared living arrangements.

Some of the towns or cities where residences are located include Chicago (in the Rogers Park neighborhood), Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village, Lombard, Naperville, Villa Park and Wheeling.


Each community-integrated living arrangement (CILA) is staffed by Trinity’s dedicated independent living coaches (ILCs), who help people complete daily tasks like dressing, cooking and cleaning, and work to assist people in achieving their goals and fully participating in community life. Depending on people’s needs, support is offered on an intermittent, as-needed basis, or 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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For some, apartment living may be the most desirable or appropriate choice. Trinity provides support to people in apartments throughout the state. In this region, locations include Lombard and Villa Park. Depending on the resident's needs and preferences, they can choose to live in a single-occupancy unit, with intermittent support, or in a two- or three-person apartment, with 24-hour support.

Some of these settings are referred to as permanent supportive housing arrangements. They are primarily tailored to people who are able to live independently but who still benefit from receiving occasional support from a counselor or other member of Trinity's staff. In these settings, residents have their own lease and can choose the supports that are right for them.

Home-Based Services

For people who live in their own homes or with their family members and have chosen to receive self-directed services, Trinity offers support on an intermittent, or as-needed, basis. Services include self-directed assistance. If your family has been selected through the Illinois Prioritization of Unmet Needs (PUNS) process, you may be eligible for funding for these services.

Shared Living

Trinity Services’ Shared Living Program provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live with individuals or families who are interested in sharing their homes and lives.

Trinity Services contracts with an individual or family who is responsible for providing direct support for up to two people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The household may consist of up to six people including the two people with disabilities. The services provided vary based on the level and type of support and care needed by the individuals with disabilities.

For more information about Shared Living, including opportunities to share your home with people with disabilities, contact Coordinator of Shared Living Services Melanie Lowe at 815-485-8146 or by  

Everyone who receives residential support at Trinity can participate in any of Trinity’s community day service, supported employment, health and well-being, or therapeutic programs, depending on their needs. All activities are part of an environment that promotes learning, and encourages people to explore their interests and reach for their goals.