Health and well-being are essential elements of full and abundant living. That is why programs and amenities at Trinity Services that focus solely on promoting health and well-being are central to the services provided.

Trinity's Health and Well-being Programs focus on physical and mental health, positive social experiences, and innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Some specialty programs and amenities are described below.

For more information about programs available in Central Illinois, contact Program Director Erica Litzsey at 309-693-8115 or by email.

Trinity Campground

Situated on 40 acres of land in southwest Michigan, the Trinity Campground is a great location for people to enjoy the outdoors. The property provides many different opportunities to socialize and have fun, including:

  • An in-ground heated pool
  • A baseball diamond
  • A large building called the Mess Hall where campers can eat, watch movies or play table games
  • A large pole barn with a cement floor that allows people to play shuffle board, floor hockey, basketball, and indoor volleyball
  • A campfire area for people to gather and relax at the end of the day.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can solve problems, big and small, that people face in their daily lives. Trinity Services' Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Team helps people experiment with assistive technology and discover both high- and low-tech devices that can suit their needs.

The Listening Ear

Everyone who receives services from Trinity has access to a 24-hour confidential answering machine service that provides them with an opportunity to comment on the services they are receiving. Messages are retrieved daily by the chairperson of the organization's Human Rights Committee, who is responsible for following up on any issues identified. All people who receive services from Trinity receive a personalized card with information about how to access the system and a demonstration of how the system works.