At Trinity Services, an environment that promotes learning is the foundation for helping people with disabilities flourish and live full and abundant lives.

Therefore, Trinity’s Community Day Services emphasize developing work and social skills, and optimizing self-direction and self-determination. Program participants enjoy access to the community and are encouraged to engage with others as business customers, volunteers at an organization or members of a club. Advances in technology have helped promote learning and communication and are interwoven with the activities throughout the day.

The program in Peoria generally operates from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. with programming options available for six hours daily. Service and support planning occurs on an individual basis and is accomplished through a process, as each person’s plan seeks to maximize achievement in areas related to language, mobility, self-care, and personal finance, to name a few.

Adults with disabilities who are ages 18 and older, and are served residentially by Trinity Services, live at home or are served by other agencies, are eligible to join Community Day Services at Trinity.

For more information, contact Program Director Erica Litzsey at 309-693-8115 or by email.