The Branch: Well-Being and Enrichment Center, located on the border of Joliet and New Lenox, is a unique employment program tailored to young adults who have recently graduated from high school.

As they transition out of high school, many young adults who have intellectual disabilities face a period of uncertainty in their lives. Like others their age, they are finding their place in the world and in their community, but unlike many of their peers, they will not pursue options of college or technical school. And, many want to continue to build upon the skills they gained during high school.

The Branch is a place where they can develop their skills and focus on their chosen areas of interest. The center provides a space for young adults to socialize, reach personal goals, volunteer, pursue hobbies and actively participate in the community surrounding the program.

Participants can choose from five program tracks — career or volunteer, creative expression, well-being, problem solving, or culture and history.

Activity options include exercise classes, creative expression, practice using social skills, job searches and development, and numerous excursions into the community to strengthen each person’s ability to make wise choices and integrate. Many activities incorporate smart technology, such as laptops, tablets, apps and GPS navigation tools, to provide information, appropriate cues and guidance in everyday living.

For more information about The Branch: Well-Being and Enrichment Center, contact Program Coordinator Laura Neuhardt at 815-462-3652 or by email.